TAD 2014 – Day 1

Yippee! So excited to be back here again. Thanks to all who make it happen!

This is the first round of a new mixed media piece I just started. Long way to go yet, so you will be seeing more of it….. It’s a 24″ x 48″ canvas.



TAD 25

The book club I belong to is having an Academy Awards party. Appetizers, wine and several options for “dressing for the occasion….” 1. Dress as your favorite movie character of all time and we will try to guess who you are; 2. Your special red carpet outfit; 3. Lounge wear or PJ’s; 4. Whatever you want to wear! At one point we had talked about bringing or wearing something that represents your favorite movie. That’s the “whatever you want to wear” that I am wearing.

A while back I had cross stitched this watermelon and lot of other little images for a project that I never finished. I jazzed it up today by adding black beads for seeds and then putting a pin on it. I am going to wear it to represent a part from my favorite movie…. Dirty Dancing. It’s from the scene where Baby meets Patrick Swayzee’s character in the staff quarters and learns about dirty dancing….. she brought the watermelon.

TAD 24

We ended up babysitting the youngest grandson tonight so there was very little time for creativity. I spent a little time working on my “art catalog”. It’s a listing of all of the pieces I have created, price, picture, description, whether it sold or I gave away as a gift or a donation for something. Stuff like that….

I need to finish it before I hang my show on Thursday. They like to have a listing at the library while the show is up.

Hopefully the weekend will be more creative. I have an idea for a necklace out of the plastic flower I made a few days ago and I need to tweak the last of the paintings for the show. Then, the sky’s the limit!

TAD 23

I played with different cuts of the plastic bottles and used a heat gun tonight instead of a candle. I don’t like itas much as the one yesterday.

For purposes of the scout encampment, I think the sample I made for day 22 is going to be the least complicated. We only have abbout an hour to make these. Plus, the more heating you do… the more fumes. While we do most of the classes outside, I still don’t think we need to be having the girls inhaling the fumes.

TAD 22

I think this is the last sample that I need to make for the Girl Scout encampment. Not sure if this is the exact on we will do, but it was easier than some I have seen I think.  This is the tutorial I used http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeOGV_WB4wg